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The Sentencing Phase

Sentencing Phase - Ron Getz Ron Getz,  recorded this CD with members of his Trio, including Jason Kott on bass and vocals and Matt Hayes on drums. Both have extensive backgrounds in jazz, pop, funk and world music.

He also recorded duets with standout local musicians, including singer Dawn Campbell, singer/songwriter Mike Moran, pianist Jeff Haas, and bassist Aaron Wolinski.

Four of the songs on the album are instrumentals written by Getz, including the titular “The Sentencing Phase,” “Well Wisher,” “Bird Licker” and “Death and Oranges.” The remainder of the CD is made up of covers by Bob Marley: “Exodus,” “Stir It Up” and “Waiting in Vain,” with vocals by Jason Kott; a Bob Dylan song, “Most of the Time,” with vocals by Mike Moran; and the Stevie Wonder hit, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” with vocals by Dawn Campbell.

The Sentencing Phase

  1. Bird Licker
  2. Exodus
  3. Death and Oranges
  4. Most of the Time
  5. The Sentencing Phase
  6. Stir It Up
  7. Signed, Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours)
  8. Well Wisher
  9. Waiting in Vain